I'm moving for kids with a disability



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Set my KM target Added a profile pic Shared Page
Got my first donation Raised $150 Raised $300
Logged my first KM Halfway KM Target Reached KM target

Goal beat!

I absolutely wrecked right now but will do proper follow up tomorrow.

Rode 82kms today in 2hr58. Bringing me to 300km complete.

Had emotional overload post and had a cry.

Kebab after all good now.

Just need to reach $ goal...past halfway now.

Sleep now


Smashed through 57kms today!

Mental stability took a crash so now battling my regular demons...curse the BPD and DPD mind!

None the less I WILL perceive!

Half way!

Not dead yet! Felt pretty close though.


Knees were buckling under me and the adrenaline shakes for a good 45 minutes afterward last night.


121kms done of my now 250km goal! 

I felt I was getting off too lightly and had to make it worth people's generosity!


4 days left to kick it's ass! Unfortunately the weight isn't shifting too much at the moment, but my waist line has gone down 3cm in the last week so getting that muscle weight so the fat is disappearing!


Win win all round!

New goal 250kms

So this happened....yeah...I upped the stakes to coax those wallets for my suffering!


Two hundred and fifty freaking kilometres! ?


I am matching my kms to match each dollar that ?Downtown Toyota? (Morningside and Wynnum) have pledged to put in.


Surely surely we can do more for these kids!


Show some love, hey! If you can't $ support, some love with a share!


Love to you all


Ps. I would like a cremation, I'm an organ donor and Disturbed must be played at my service (Orchestra optional). ?

Support my efforts to help kids with a disability!

Back again with a bigger target!

This March, I’m taking part in For Fitness Sake and challenging myself to get moving to support children living with a disability. It won’t be easy, but I’m getting out of my comfort zone for a fantastic cause. Please get behind me and make a donation to sponsor my efforts as I take on this challenge to allow these kids to get the support they need to give them the best chance at life. All funds raised will support the House with No Steps early childhood intervention programs to change the lives of kids living with a disability. Thank you.

Thank you to my Sponsors


Downtown Toyota


Daniel Stapleton


Tilly Gough And Scott Davies


Julie Garbett

You Go Girl!


Carolyn Watson

Well done, Mo Mo, it is nice to see you getting fit while helping out a good cause. <3


Trish Stapleton

Good luck. Hope all goes well


Chris And Sue Coles

Good luck with your walk this year


Trent Burgess

Always an inspiration! <3


Andrea Stapleton


Glenda Foster

Go Girl!


Kirstee Oxton

Go you on the challenge...from a connect friend


Amanda Manly

Congrats, be proud of what you have accomplished


Nicole Harris

I know it's not much and not to your final goal. You have done an amazing job. Keep up with all the hard work you do to support others xox


Sioned Watson


Joyce And Des Stapleton

Good job Emily


Sarah Coles-stapleton