Fundraising tips

Here are some tips to make your fitness challenge count for kids with a disability!

Fundraising can be easy, but the impact it has is huge. All funds raised through For Fitness Sake will provide support and services to help kids with a disability reach their potential.

We are here to support you. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you’d like help or advice to fundraise for your challenge.

1. Spread the word

Your friends and family will be keen to support your challenge and donate to a great cause – so make sure you let everyone know about your challenge through email, Facebook and in person. Let your friends know why you’re doing the challenge, and share the link to your personal fundraising page.

2. Keep them in the loop

Keep your friends and family updated on your progress throughout your challenge. Let them know when you’ve finished a workout – why not post some sweaty selfies using the hashtag #ForFitnessSake! Remember to include the link to your fundraising page so people can view your kilometre tally and donate to support you.

3. Throw a party

Hold a barbecue or a movie night to raise funds or ask for donations instead of gifts if you have a special date coming up before or during For Fitness Sake.

4. Make them laugh

Championing children with a disability is a seriously cool thing to do but doesn’t mean that your entire fundraising experience has to be so serious! Be yourself – you enjoy a laugh with your family and friends so why should your fundraising emails be any different? Post some silly photos of yourself in your exercise gear, including the link to your fundraising page so your friends can support you.

5. Prepare to be humbled

If we’ve learnt one thing here at House with No Steps, it’s that people are more generous than we give them credit for. Most of us want to do our bit for a worthy cause and show our support for a loved one – we just don’t know how or become too busy. If you send your friends, family or colleagues a link to your page explaining what you are doing and why (to get fit and be a champion for kids with a disability), you will find many people are keen to support you.