Complete your KMs with any form of exercise you like – here are some great ideas to get you started!

Walk or run

Walk or run anywhere you like. Whether it’s on your lunch break, a bushwalk on the weekend or at the gym on a treadmill - it’s up to you!

Connect your preferred fitness device such as MapMyFitness, Fitbit or Strava to your page to track your activity! Or, use a pedometer that records distance as well as steps, then manually add your KMs to your page. 

Log in and head to the My Activity tab to connect an app or log your KMs manually.

Learn more here on how to track your KMs.


March is a great time to cool off and hit the water. Your challenge is the perfect excuse to go to the beach or the local swimming pool.

Count your laps, then calculate your distance to add your KMs to your page.

Most indoor swimming pools = 25m.


Hop on your bike and clock your kilometres! Cycling to work or at a local park on the weekend is a great way to get fit.

Connect your MapMyFitness, Fitbit or Strava account to your fundraising page or manually log your KMs to your page.

Log in and head to the My Activity tab to add your KMs.

Other ideas

  • Use (or push) a manual wheelchair

  • Take on your own personal triathlon – for example ride 65km, run 30km and swim 5km!

  • Get your skates on and roller blade/roller skate/ice-skate at your local rink or outdoors

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